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PJ WX3231N
  • Quick Start and Quick Shutdown
  • Start up just 81 seconds after turning the power on. Meetings and presentations can be started right away. Also, just unplug the cord to shutdown and quickly put away the projector. Equipped with functions to keep you from waiting.
  • Auto Set function2 Equipped with an auto set function that makes it easy to get the projector ready to go. Automatically adjusts for flicker and the position of the projected image.
  • Auto Keystone function (compensates distorted projection)3 When keystone distortion in the vertical direction is detected in the projected image, compensation is done automatically to match the angle that the projector is set up. This function is useful when you need to set up quickly while visiting a customer.
  • 1Time for the lamp to light. 2Only for computer signals. 3The projected image is slightly reduced after keystone adjustment.
Prespectiva Geral
Compact and lightweight
This projector needs less space than a piece of A4 paper. Stands just as tall as an IC card. You can set it up by the side of your desk or in the corner of a room in your client's office. At just 1.8 kilograms* , anyone can carry it anywhere.

* Weight for the PJ WX3131 & PJ X3131 is 1.8 kg, the PJ X3241 and WX3231N is 1.9, the PJ X3241N is 2.0.

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